At the end of each working day the resource will send you the report with details of the work that has been accomplished. This will be in addition to the update made on any project management system used by the client. Thus, you will have multiple ways to track how the resource is spending time.

Yes. Working timings of the resource can been modified as per your requirement in order to have direct interaction within your work hours. Please get in touch with your requirements and we will offer you a solution.

First of all, all our resource are our full time employees. Thus, they have to go through rigorous interview and background check for landing the job. We run our own training institute called The Web Artists Academy to provide missing skills and upgrade the knowledge in specialized area.

We have a policy of 30 days notice period and in that time we will do all the knowledge transfer and provide a replacement. Moreover, the project manager at our end will ensure that your work is not affected by such activities.

All our resources communicate over Email, Phone, Instant Messengers (WhatsApp, Skype and Yahoo). In some instances we have also used Basecamp or leading Project Management Softwares for our clients depending on their requirement..

No. Each programmer is a full-time employee of Minerva Softron Pvt. Ltd. Every programmer is bound by contract to follow the company’s policies regarding Intellectual Property, Security, Code of Conduct and any other aspects that may affect your work.The company signs Non Disclosure Agreements with the employee to keep their clients safe with their IP rights.

In this model you can hire out resource(s) from us at fixed monthly costs and treat them as your own extended employees. They are managed directly by you or the project manager at your end and ensure maximum efficiency, cost savings and control over the operations. Each assigned individual works for you for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week comprising of 40 hours a week. All the project management control lies with you. The communication between yourself and the programmer can be handled through Email, Chat and Phone. The invoice is sent to you at 30 days interval. Payment needs to be made in advance for the current month. Scheduled notice of holidays for that month is sent to the client on the first day of the billable month. If the resource is not well or unable to join for a particular day, necessary replacement is provided within 24 hours or the cost for that day is deducted in the next billing cycle.

Yes. You can hire more than one resource.